School of Enterprise Development (SED)

School of Enterprise Development (SED)

It is one of the former scholastic/intellectual departments of ni-msme, continued with additional responsibilities in the globalised market environment. MSME development generally refers to facilitating progress in the economy and generation of employment by enhancing business development services, and establishing a conducive legal, regulatory and policy environment. In this context, the School of Enterprise Development [SED] acts as a catalyst for dynamic, integrated change in Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) sector, looking strategically and optimistically towards the future challenges. The activities of the SED include programme evaluation studies, research projects, feasibility studies, potential surveys, rural enterprise promotion, backward area development, infrastructure development programme and project implementation for central and state governments, that advances an innovative and enterprise growth in the global and national scenario. On the international front, the SED provides a bridge between theory and practice of small business and MSE development by guiding/training the executives of MSME in formulation, development, implementation and evaluation of various facets of enterprise policy, with a focus to make the MSE sector more competitive in the global economic scene.

Besides imparting training to the officials, the experienced and well-known faculty of the school focus on economic surveys in the nature of diagnosing the industrial potential, networking with national and international agencies, and other research studies pertaining to government programmes /schemes and impact studies. The School of Enterprise Development functions through Centre for Enterprise Planning and Development (C-EPD), Centre for Policy Research (C-PR), National Resource Centre for Cluster Development (NRCD), ni-msme NGO Network (N-Cube) and Economic Investigation and Statistical Cell (EISC) in the areas of Cluster development, Employment Generation, and establishing synergy with related departments, which of late became the centres of excellence through focused attention for holistic development.

ni-msme Programmes

ni-msme with a knowledge giving approach, it is facilitating value addition to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) These programmes are of 8 and 12 weeks duration and are phased out as follows

  • Phase - I (05 Aug to 25 Oct 2013)
  • Phase - II (02 Sep to 25 Oct 2013)
  • Phase - III (11 Nov 2013 to 03 Jan 2014)
  • Phase - IV (20 Jan to 14 Mar 2014)

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