ni-msme Genesis

ni-msme Genesis

ni-msme was originally set up as Central Industrial Extension Training Institute in 1960 as a department under the Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Government of India. The Institute was shifted to Hyderabad in 1962 and re-named as Small Industry Extension Training (SIET) Institute. It was conferred the status of National Institute in 1984, and once again re-christened as nisiet, with the charter of assisting in the promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), mainly by creating a pro-business environment, Since then the Institute has come a long way, carving a place of distinction for itself in the domain of MSME promotion, achieving recognition both nationally and internationally. To cope with the demands of globalisation, the MDMED Act 2006. Accordingly the institute too has changed its structure and is again re-christened as ni-msme from 11April, 2007. The management if the Institute rests with a Governing Council, appointed by the Government of India. The governing body acts through the Director General.

Forging Ahead

Over the years the Institute has gained immense experience and expertise for MSME promotion in India and the rest of the developing world. ni-msme's inherent capacity to innovate, together with its top class infrastructure has enabled the Institute to excel in its endeavor of MSME promotion. From the time of inception, ni-msme has been continuously providing unstinting support to small enterprises and has evolved to be the best in offering services like training, research, consultancy, information and extension not only to the enterprises but also to concerned developmental agencies.

The knowledge driven and dynamic economy of the present day is posing great challenges of MSMEs. ni-msme has always been conceiving specialised need based programmes, workshops and seminars in tune with the changing policy and economic climate. The primary aim of these activities has been to enable the industry and supporting systems to deal with aspects that directly or indirectly affect the success of an enterprise.

ni-msme's programmes are designed to be of universal relevance. Through its range of specialized programmes ni-msme has been successfully training the entrepreneurs to face the challenges of the globalization; help them cope with competition; and gain the much-needed competitive edge in the global scenario. ni-msme has broken geographical barriers by extending its expertise and services to other developing and developed nations.

ni-msme has had profitable interface with several international agencies like CFTC (Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation), UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific & Cultural Organization), UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), Ford Foundation, GTZ of Germany, USAID (United States Agency for International Development), ILO (International Labour Organisation), to name a few.

ni-msme Programmes

ni-msme with a knowledge giving approach, it is facilitating value addition to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) These programmes are of 8 and 12 weeks duration and are phased out as follows

  • Phase - I (10 Aug to 30 Oct 2015)
  • Phase - II (07 Sep to 30 Oct 2015)
  • Phase - III (16 Nov 2015 to 08 Jan 2016)
  • Phase - IV (25 Jan to 18 Mar 2016)

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